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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Come Fall in LOVE :)

How many of you ever been in love?

Quite a silly question right?

I dreamt bits and pieces of this article in the 2 hour sleep I had a while ago, Sitting in front of my lappy at 5am in the morning with an orange juice beside is quite refreshing, Now coming the point..

Come Fall in Love!

              Everyone falls in love, Love for Tendulkar is Cricket, Love for a mother is her child, Love for my father is his work, Love for politicians is money, Love for you all is reading my article (Lol :D) on a serious note falling in love with something/someone is really an eye opener! Falling in love isn't really waste of time at all. To me Loving is Learning. Yes! The more you love the more you learn, It can be anything, You learn about the person you love or you learn about the activity you love or let that be learning about love itself, Precisely anything!
              The most important thing about learning in Love is learning what exactly you are after you are in love! My first love when I was born were mom and dad, When I was 4 it was cars, When I was 10 it was cricket, When I was 15 it is computing, I'm 19 now and its a girl, I grow up to 25 it might be my work and yes the list of things I love keep adding up. My love on my parents is making me feel responsible (atleast now) , My love on cars is making me go check out what is the latest in the market and so on, What ever I love shows me a whole new dimension of what I am.
                                "You are a reflection of what you love in your life!"

               Love has its own variants just like everything in life. – blind, one-sided, tragic, steadfast, fickle, reciprocated, misguided, unconditional. 

               My love on my parents is blind
               My love on my life is one sided
               My love on my past is tragic
               My love on people who love me is steadfast
               My love on god is fickle
               My love on myself reciprocated
               My love on my career is misguided
               My love on my girl is unconditional

           Its important to know the extent of love you have on various things.

           It is also true that the less love you have, the more depression you are likely to experience in your life. Love is probably the best antidepressant there is because one of the most common sources of depression is feeling unloved. Most depressed people don't love themselves and they do not feel loved by others. They also are very self-focused, making them less attractive to others and depriving them of opportunities to learn the skills of love.There is a mythology in our culture that love just happens. As a result, the depressed often sit around passively waiting for someone to love them. But love doesn't work that way. To get love and keep love you have to go out and be active and learn a variety of specific skills.
                    Whenever things you love doesn't situationalize itself in your life according to your liking, Thats where you have to fall in love with it even more harder instead of cribbing about it because what made you fall in love will remain same all thorough your life, Its foolish if you change upon with the influence of the situation.

Come fall in love.. Let that be people, passion, work, life or probably with YOURSELF because there is nothing to lose, May be you will have few bitter days which are NOT PERMANENT. These is a famous Sanskrit saying  "Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavati"  which means ' You are what you think' so if something you love isnt co-operating with your present situation in life remember that its just a matter of bitter days, keep the faith that what you loved it for will surely turn up after gloomy days end, Think in such a way, Simpler way! If the gloomy days are all through your life it may be a different case, If the gloomy days are like passing clouds all you have to do is Fall in love, Fall in love harder let that be on your work may be take a break, On your passion may be improvise it, On people talk it out, But never stop loving anything for small silly gloomy days which come and go. :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Moment Is Not Permanent

T  I  M  E !!!

        Somehow, I hate that four letter word right from my childhood. There are many reasons to state why I hate it, Time is like string used by god to puppet us, As I hate being puppet-ed this stands as my primary reason. To be frank I'm actually very very poor in time management but surprisingly I'm at my best in doing the last minute things. You'll have your view on time and time will have its view on you but your wisdom lies in understanding the difference between these two points.
        Unlike what I am, I started reading books to keep my mind on track and also to be refreshed from all kinds of stress and pressures. I've come across this brilliant book called 'Shift Happens' by Robert Holden given by one of brother Shourie. Its more like a book to live an inspired life, But I consider this book as a weapon to conquer time, Its more or less like a time travelling guide although I completed reading the book only half a part it was a good experience.
         Most of the people in this world have a favorite phrase 'Time flies' or may be they say something stupid like 'Time and tide wait for none' . Life is all about taking decisions and most importantly sticking to them, It relies on the time whether your decision is right or wrong but, Isn't it silly? You take a decision about your life and you leave it to the time to tell you whether you are right or wrong?? Most of the people and perhaps even me sometimes induce myself with such kind of attitude. Although I decided shred this kind of attitude by characterizing my own self in a proper way.
         TIME has this cunning feature to prove your decision WRONG which was one proved right, Facing all kinds of let down in my life purely due to the dominance of TIME and SITUATIONS, I've decided to give up on running behind the time and situations.
          When you trust your own instincts, when you actually back yourself to do what is right for you, YOU dont really have to rely on time to make things work. GET OFF the people who cowardly blame their helplessness or cover up their failure by pushing the blame on TIME.
           TIME is your SLAVE, Although it keeps running, Its YOU who have to give it a best shot to make it run the way you want.
           Always remember 'THIS MOMENT IS NOT PERMANENT' yes, THIS MOMENT , Love,Family and Happiness are everyone's permanent assets, When you love unconditionally,purely and honestly, When you uphold the fame of your family, When you 'give your best' to stay happy, Any moments except love family and happiness are NOT AT ALL PERMANENT!!! Everything lies on how you look things at, Have a wise vision on your life and there you gooooo!!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

G O A L - How I apporach towards it !

"Life is like a war,
God left us in the war zone,
Be alert, Protect yourself,
Have a GOAL in life,
Run with that killer instinct,
Sing or study with sheer determination,
But the ones without having a GOAL in life, There is no use of such people, Please die.
If your target is 10miles aim for the 11th mile

           - Mahesh Babu in BusinessMan.

    On 13th January 2012, I saw this movie and these words influenced so crazily, After I got a DVD of this movie I looped this scene and have watched 75+ times. All though what has been told there is a fact still the influence didn't get into my head on a productive track. An year later today when I look back in life I'm left with nothing except the DVD of BusinessMan, Better late than never I decided to spend as much time as I can with people who can influence me, There are two, My sweet father and a lovely friend. Dad is one kind of a person who influences me every possible second but there is something different, He feels he influences me with his words,lectures,texts etc although I love him talk a lot but what I exactly get influenced by him is by his actions n lifestyle especially in my good gold childhood days. So I turned to my friend meeting every week in Mc'd by trolling its poor staff, Lots of talk went exchange of ideas were done and also devising few plans were done, Main aim was to focus on the priorities.
What are they?? -- I have an answer
What is to be done -- I have an answer
What will I get? -- I have an answer
What will I lose? -- I have an answer
What did I lose? -- I have an answer
Why I'm not able to get them straight? -- I DONT have an answer
    In order to find an answer, I reviewed my school life everything went on perfect, I reviewed by Intermediate life I hate it so I didn't feel like reviewing, I'm reviewing my Engineering life and it started to show me all the possible loop holes I could ever see, Dumb and narrow minded people right from my gang to the people in the other classes, Egos and attitude conflicts reflecting all over it was a small size shit which is foreseen to grow, Apparently nothing seems to creep into my academics which is nice, I dont know but somebody said "What you SOW is what you REAP" well all my bad what I sowed reaped in KMIT interrupting my personal life, People started to win over me, target me and do all possible stuff which is only good sometimes as you will tend to know what you are, After taking a much needed break for about 2 days with 3 amazing people who are my source of happiness and never ending support Ajay,Shourie and Manish on a mini vacation to BITS Pilani (Hyd Campus) staying there had made me a better person, When my friend sheepishly looked into my face n said "Arey inter chadavalisindi ra :( " which meant "We should've have done well in our intermediate" made me think a lot. Hell yeah then I got if you have a GOAL your approach should be in such a way where you should see only your GOAL and nothing else, So from now on there shall be nothing as entertaining in my life as the approachability towards my GOAL all what I need is "Simplicity, Time, Patience, Calmness, Will Power, Confidence and similar attributes" amazingly everything of these doesn't need anyones help to get so its all MYSELF now I'm here to make it or make it BIG ( I know u people expected a make it or break it kind of statement..hehe..) By the end of it all I'd say the key to every little thing I said is to be happy,cheerful and with a smile always!


Lets begin the show of getting priorities straight.
Lets begin the show to flow the friendliness.
Lets being the show to achieve our GOALS

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm a LOSER and I love LOSING people!

                Discoooo Deeeewaneeee...ahaaaa ahaaaaa!
                Discoooo Deeeeewaneee...ahaaaa ahaaaaa!
                Nasheeli hai raat, do haathon mein haath
                Naaaache gaaaaye saaaath..!

      Humming this peppy song from 'Student of the year' looking at Alia Bhatt, Sid Malhotra and Varun Dhawan on TV started my day where I was low on my spirits. Feeling like a loser with some kind of frustration inside I switched off the television and settled into my cozy and comfy bed around 9am, Suddenly my phone seemed to ring and it was my friend "Vineeth, X is talking behind you..warning all possible people not to talk to you and to stay away from you..what have you done to her?" he asked, I've hung up abruptly and started to sleep, Moments later it was my another friend who was calling me "Vineeth, it seems you played a small prank with Y and people around him are planning to make you pay" he said, It was 9.20 by then I made an excuse for getting ready to attend the college and had hung the phone. Attending the college by the delay of 30mins with a bad mood and peak frustration I went and took my place in the classroom with a technically present and virtually absent mindset passed half of the day. It was lunch time and by then I was flooded with many texts,calls and fb inboxes from X,Y and their "so called loyalists".
       Slowly, some sought of regret started to pile up my mind and then came a news "Vineeth, X and their gang started to make u famous in the college with their bad mouth" I was agitated, frustrated,helpless having no clue what to do next, It was then I popped X and Y few jolts of strong serious and straight inboxes on facebook, Soon after I received a 'public insult' with X and their loyalist and this kept on continuing for few weeks with fine set of arguments,heated emotions,abuses and what not.
      Gradually I started developing aversion over those people's role in my life and decided to cut the crap and to make that happen a wise loving cousin sister of mine who stays in Bengaluru gave me some sought of support, Arrogantly and being poised with lots of attitude I've 'kicked' them out of my life and little tremors are still being felt because they failed to suffer me or to make me pay! Now they are in a disgust and keeping them away I'm totally loving it!
    Wrong people and wrong choices are part of life it just lies on one's attitude to get them away for building our own dream lives, The mess which they create may be unbearable but all that matters is we shouldnt let that get on our nerves, When you are not in good terms with people basically you have look at yourself and how bad n flooish you are, You shouldnt keep planning revenges or show your insane attitude to make them pay or suffer, Indeed world runs on human values, So show them that you can dust them off and lead your life more brightly, Try to be a good LOSER, Lose the bad people keep losing the bad choices although if you keep losing all that matters is just one thought "I'm losing to WIN" and yes I am losing to win myself from fake selfish people. The conclusion is  "EARTH IS FILLED WITH PROTONS, NEUTRONS, ELECTRONS and MORONS also"   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Responsible! (Based on my thought process)

                                I don't define generation by age I define generation by time because in certain 2012 all of us are in same generation, This is a generation I recognized where we yell or crib or frustrated over an issue and minutes later we forget and move on! This for me is the biggest problem in our generation, I strongly feel this sought of forgetfulness seems to be addressed, We have quite a bit problem in dealing the attention span over an issue, Its all about managing this problematic attention span to have a decent bit of progress in our or society etc. Its totally about individual empowerment being an 18yr old I'm quite wise enough to be aware that all our thoughts should be marketed deep into everyone's throat only by then eventually the thoughts of gaining progress is attained, Such a clumsy generation isn't it..?   For someone to become a great orator or a performer he doesn't need to be a student of an orator or a so called performer it all lies in the individual empowerment, It is purely about inflating your ownself skimming the positives or negatives aptly according to your own judgmental skills. So here I'm responsible enough to be a good citizen.
                           Well I'm such type of a boy where I'm sitting and writing this blog listening to nice pop songs at 2am in the night with a water bottle beside me and nice indian street snacks, But when it comes to hitting my priorities straight, I get them dead straight! Well I'm neither a modern day philanthropist nor a present generation careless teenager, All what matters to me is to lead a principled life ahead of advancement which is going on to make the world dumb and stupid. In a conversation with one of my well-wisher recently "You write blog's very well infact your skills are just great, Why dont you make your career in a relevant way..?" he said, My answer to him was pretty straight "Being a top executive in an IT MNC is my lifetime passion, I cant split my passion and profession instead I would work hard to make my passion as an enjoyable stress free profession" I concluded, "What is your other line of interest?' he added, "I wana become the captain of Indian Test Cricket team" I said, "No one really had done such kind of thinking to rule an IT MNC and to rule a sport" I just looked into his eyes and said "Yes, no one has done 'UNTILL NOW' " I precisely dreamt of such a career just because no one has done it, I wanted to be the first of the lot, I never fancied myself in having a role model to be envied from, I always keep searching for people who just motivate me at given point of time. So here I'm responsible for my career building.
                         Shifting the focus to an other point, Due to uncertain governance here in AP its been 6 odd months where I've been just sitting at home sleeping late and waking up even more late, Hangout with friends, Cricket at a local ground, Movies, KFC,MCD, Car Driving, FB, Eating, Sleeping, C language, Ethical Hacking its been a galore of activities that I've chosen to keep my self busy but the most favorite activity to me in this half an year was reading lots of books and interacting with all the people in the present IT industry starting from freshers to the highly influential executives in order to make myself clear about the passion I had, Apart from these two activities, Eating my favorite popcorn chicken at KFC and playing cricket gave me immense pleasure all these months, Interacting with such kind of people was productive it gave me huge amount of self satisfaction and a major eye to get motivated, Expressing my thoughts getting them answered and all made me know where I stand, Books gave me a way to be imaginative and interacting with wise elderly people gave wings to my imagination. I'm responsible now to fly, I'm even more responsible now to make all of you think atleast for a moment about what our lives are upto.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love Failure!

P.S: This article doesn't state that I failed in love or either I'm a love guru, It about our love towards a person,family,interests,sports, etc etc Its just an eye opener to all so called people who fallback and also my views on this social communal topic. No Assumptions or Controversies are entertained.

Thank You :)
                                                                        - Vineeth Tadikonda

                                                    Love Failure

                         Love, Few claim it as an option few claim as a priority and few as a responsibility but when it comes to me I claim love is neither of these three, For me love is an expectation purely expecting some or the other things from our loved ones, They say "Disappointment is a gap between expectation and reality" that's barely right! But love often doesn't lead to disappointment because the right kind of love should keep on expecting even after few disappointments occur just like how it happens in our day to day life in front of our parents at times we do disappoint them but still they keep of expecting that's why parents love is rated as the most most most purest and clean love in the world, Where as a couple's love isn't the same and they lose faith in each other pretty early and my title "Love Failure" is justified.
                         When it comes to me my favorite love is the mom and dad and love and next comes our love towards our own passion these are never ending, Yes family relations etc are favorites too but they are secondary when compared to parents and career, Wondering I missed about our life partner?? Well I'm to young to talk or experience about it but I'm pretty sure that even that ends in a disheartening way, But coming to the point and the main stream of this article and a primary question, Why does Love fail? Love towards parents,our interests,sports,food,girlfriend or boyfriend,family,education etc etc etc WHY? Read carefully.
                       As time goes on and as we keep falling for our love the intensity decreases love is truly enjoyable for a short period of time..Confused..? Well that's totally true, Imagine yourself being in love with with your video game keep playing it for days together wont you just get bored? How about eating same food? Playing same sport? Sadly even in the case of loving persons, Loving anything for long makes respect towards it go down, True True True it is! Love isn't about playing same game always, eating same food too much or spending time with same person constantly its about keeping it in our priority list according to a time.
                       Let me take up 3 failure love stories about someone who failed at his parents at his passion and at his girlfriend

 He was a best gift to his mom n dad later after he got his freedom he started disrespecting them with rude talk, aggressive behavior and irresponsibility which always irks his parents and unpleasantness arises at his home, His biggest asses and love is his father and his father stopped talking to him for his dis priorities but inside he worships his father more than god,mom etc his father is his world to him more than anything but he lost his mark on him.
2. He had an equal love towards his favorite sport and computers but due to excessive interest on it but in an unproductive way made him successful in neither of them 'as of now'.
3. He found a girl, got her,loved her so much, fought the differences with her ex and lived happily here after with excessive love and freedom he lost her to his anger and in fact became a time to time scapegoat to both the girl and her ex as she went back to him and they got married instead.
                     Reverting these three stories he learnt a biggest lesson of his life, Thanks to these 3 'failure' experiences! Really a Huge Thanks he says! Love what we do and do what we love. To say love doesn't fail its just that our EFFORT to keep it and make use of it fails. Its time to love! Love our responsibilities! Love our passions! Love our parents! Love ourselves! And also just make an effort to be a good human. So that Love let that be for anything doesn't really fail.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Education- Part 1

      Well wanna share my experiences right from my kindergarden till what I am now. It consists of 5 parts make sure you read all of then and have funn..! :)


            It was some where around 1996, I guess I joined my kindergarten in AMS Pre-school at the osmania university campus, I cant re-collect my memories totally but a pinch-a-patch of memories are still there at the back of my head. I along with my cousin used to travel about 2 kms everyday from my house to reach the school, Journey was through a rickshaw where my grandmother says she used to feed me my breakfast showing me the on-road busy environment my cousin used to get down at his school and my school was a half a km away from his. Dont exactly remember the first day but my teacher was Ms. ?.?.?.? Oops!! Forgot her name..! Sorry teacher! There was a garden like thing and circularly around that classrooms were situated, Classroom inside hada bigsheets of cardboard pasted to the wall as we children at that time were a bit notorious so they cautiously placed the cardboard for the safety of the wall. Coming to the activity part there, Oh! just wait! just wait! I remember one thing our school was called the "lab school" it was popular with that name in our area! Yeah! now coming to the activity part, I hardly remeber about what I was doing there! I only remember playing with clay and crayons and also small toy cars!!, I have met My First ever friends in my life Manish,Ajay,Abhishek and Kaushik, Luckily till class 10 (though surprisingly widout knowing we joind the same school SPHS) we were in same bench like a fevicol relationship during our entire schooling but Manish and Ajay are the ones who are in contact as of now..! Coming back to lab school, It still exsists there have n to visit it sometime around this is the stepping stone for my education and schooling untill June 1997 where St.Paul's High School came into the picture

The Topic Continues....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

City Of Gold And Wealth- Dubai

Ambitious Architecture of Dubai
Changing Landscapes of Dubai 
In recent years, there have been some drastic changes made to the landscape of Dubai. Known to be one of the wealthiest areas in the entire world, Dubai is home to some of the most amazing architectural structures standing. In 2002, Dubai opened itself to foreign real estate investors and since that time, the landscape has remarkably changed due to the construction of man-made buildings. Dubai has skyscrapers that are taller than anything seen in New York City, mad-made islands and more residential property than can be imagined. 

Buri Dubai is the tallest structure made by man in the world. The structure has not yet been completed, and it is already a landmark known around the globe. The cost to complete building is expected to exceed $4 billion. With so many expensive new buildings being erected in Dubai the effects to the town are immediately evident. The impact of the changing landscape of Dubai will be felt financially, physically and environmental. While many of these changes seem, generating huge amounts of revenue, the impact on the environmental surroundings may be of concern. With the erection of so many buildings and amazing structures, there will be a decline in the natural growth of flora and fauna in the area. 

Iconic Architecture of Dubai 
Iconic architecture in Dubai is not only encouraged, but it is pursued. It seems as though the goal of any construction project is to make the structure as eye catching as possible. Dubai has created its image in less than 50 years, which is an amazing feat. More than one quarter of all construction cranes in the world are located on a site in Dubai. One of the more unique buildings expressing iconic architecture in Dubai is the Emirates Towers. This is a favourite building among architecture enthusiasts. The towers possess an uncanny ability to change based on the angle in which they are being viewed. 

The National Bank of Dubai was not only built for financial reasons, but it was constructed to make a statement, which it did. The building is made of convex glass in the front that capturing and framing the events of life along the Creek. This has become one of the most recognisable buildings in Dubai. 

New Innovations 
Innovation plays an important role in the architecture of Dubai. New construction projects are designed to offer a building that is new, unique and completely off the wall. People around the world are captivated by the architectural wonders of Dubai. Some of the most popular structures include the Burj Al Arab, the famous sail-shaped hotel. This wealthy emirate is home to some of the most innovative structures in existence. Each year, new building projects are proposed, each trying to beat the architectural innovation of existing structures. It is believed that the skyline in Dubai is the fastest growing in the world. Home to some internationally known structures, Dubai prides itself on these architectural innovations and plans to continue erecting some of the most unique, and expensive, buildings in the world.

Source: Some Kind of information from Internet!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Champion named MS Dhoni!!

           Long ago in 2003 a railway employee was playing street cricket around ranchi railway station way back in jarkhand, Striking the ball as hard as ever Mahendra Singh Dhoni fell in the eyes of the railway officials where he started his career playing for railways before jarkhand team, Born on July 7 1981, This super boy was the goalkeeper of his school football team who first had no idea about what cricket is.

        Around august 2004 during India A 's tour to Kenya in a triangular tournament he scored consecutive centuries against Pakistan A and was the Man of the series, His international career started on December 23 2004 where he was run out for 0 without facing a ball against Bangladesh, But his monstrous 148 against Pakistan in vizag started his destiny in which he never looked back, Being appointed as the captain for T20 WC he bought INDIA to glory, Due to series of incidents he was appointed as the ODI captain he won the first ever triangular tournament at Australia, Then he was appointed as the test captain after Anil Kumble's retirement, Now, T20 WC,An Australian triangular tournament, Captain of NO.1 test team, World cup 2011, 2 IPL crowns, Champions league, And the list goes on n on n on... Playing for Asian XI and topping the Batsmen ranking several time and also not to forgot some Huge n memorable performances for India 183* against Srilanka 124 against Australia in Nagpur followed by 91* at WC finals where he finished things off in style by a six, Not to forget his innings at dharamshala in 2010 for the Chennai Super Kings

       Being called as the iceman, captain cool, captain marvel, the man with midas touch etc he is indeed a remarkable change in the Indian Cricket specially after the disastrous WC exit in 2007, His skills of being cool and keeping everything simple, transferring his belief to his fellow team mates etc are not only to be learnt by fellow players but also for us in our life for dealing things, He has slowly made winning a habit and combo of Coach gary and MSD made today's Indian Team the best ever in all three formats in spite of the Aussie and Safari domination, And the amount if countless praises he receives he is as cool and composed ever without being carried away, He is a clever n strategic captain who believes in team effort rather than individual performances, Likewise also promotes a lot of young talent, THATS DHONI THE MAN WITH MIDAS TOUCH, OOPS SORRY !! THE MAN WITH THE TOUCH OF HIS OWN..! Wish you more success MSD, We love you !!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

IPL 2011-A Flop ?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) saga has begun in style on the 8, 9 of January 2011 with its auction for players in-between 10 teams and yes it has been the talk of the town. All teams has bagged big and blistering players in a raw language, the teams have been re-shuffled

                    Going deep into the logistics the players accustomed and being admired by fans of respective teams were no longer a part of them but for some of the players who were retained by franchisees it do affects the mindset of the fans and also players for example, the man who made IPL 2 possible for the Deccan Chargers Adam Gilchrist now plays with KingsXI Punjab and this is a shocker for the Deccan fans going deep into perspective, it’s hard to digest when gilly will be on a rampage against DC in hyderabad!! and also that the fan following doesn’t even matter as the player fills his purse T20 is a youngsters game and youngsters do fall prey for money leaving the pride playing for their nation by concentrating only in IPL and performing only it players like Rohit Sharma, RP Singh, S Marsh etc the list goes on and on

               Going deep into the fans perspective they r seemed to be heart broken but have no choice the best way is to digest the feeling and go with a fresh mind by accepting the blunders which was done by a devil named money in losing their respective home players a certain question arises “why are fans raging so hard now and why didn’t they rage in the very first auction of 2008?” but people have changed captains are changed teams are changed thinking levels are changed and much more importantly they are accustomed to what they got in 2008 and depressed to leave their home players for a new set

             Money played a major role, at last in the present situation we should look into the game and the way it should be enjoyed not the men who matters with the two new teams coming and a SILLY kind of schedule and an entirely new vision on the viewers it will be interesting how the IPL-4 shapes up and most of its fans are DISHEARTENED as they get to see nearly 60 days of WC 2011 and immediately less than a week later the IPL players need rest as the T20 is format on unrest and you need to be on you toes and hold your nerve till the end, May the best team win this years IPL, here we need to support the spirit and the game of cricket. At the end of the tournament its an INDIAN team who will win.